On this page you will find information about herbs, fruit trees and vegetable plants


Even the smallest space can accommodate herbs, though plenty of sunshine for most is essential - there are a few exceptions, so don't panic if you have a shady garden. With scented leaves, pretty flowers which attract insects, medicinal properties, culinary uses...why wouldn't you grow some herbs in your garden?

Ours are grown at a peat free nursery in Doncaster: a small business which grows mostly for the National Trust, it offers a wide range of great quality and excellent value plants.

Fruit trees & bushes

We buy our top fruit and soft fruit from a specialist nursery in Worcestershire, which has been growing trees for 100 years, and now produces over half a million fruit and ornamental trees annually. This enables us to offer trees of extremely good quality and vigour, with proven track records. This nursery is now 60% peat free, and aims to reduce its dependence on peat even further over the next couple of years. All our fruit trees are grafted onto root stocks suitable for the urban garden, which means it is easy to pick the fruit, and protect it from the birds.

Apple varieties

Discovery, Katy, Christmas Pippin, Greensleeves, Red Falstaff, Scrumptious and Fiesta. Available on the following root stocks:

- M27, very dwarf. Produces the true mini tree, varieties reaching no more than 2 metres with little support required, excellent for the small garden. Fruit size small.

- M9, dwarf. Very productive and induces good fruit size. Needs permanent staking. Ideal for cordons and spindles.

- M26, semi dwarf. Requires support on most sites. Good for bush and cordons in limited spaces.

Pear varieties

Conference and Invincible. Available on the following root stocks:

- Quince C, dwarf. Slightly earlier into cropping.

Cherry varieties

Summer Sun, Sweetheart, Morello, Stella. Available on the following root stocks:

- Gisela 5, dwarf. Ideal for gardens and patio pots.

Plum and Damson varieties

Marjorie's Seedling and Victoria (plums), and Merryweather (damsons). Available on the following root stocks:

- Pixy, dwarf. Ideal for size containment in the garden.

- Colt, semi-vigorous.

We also sell Quince, Fig (Brown Turkey), Cobnut, and Crab Apple Trees.

Soft Fruit

What could be nicer than a stroll around the garden to pick fruit, on a warm Summer's day? Soft fruit encompasses fruit bushes and canes, strawberries and rhubarb. It is much easier to look after than tree fruit and can be accommodated in a small garden. Some soft fruit can be grown in containers and as restricted forms – espaliers and cordons – against walls and fences. It also freezes well.

We stock rhubarb and strawberries, grapevines, raspberries, thornless blackberries, tayberries, gooseberries, blueberries, blackcurrants, whitecurrants, redcurrants and honeyberries.

Vegetable plants

From March onwards we sell onion and shallot sets and organic seed potatoes. Vegetable plants are available from April/May onwards and throughout the Summer. Grown mostly by us in Sylvagrow peat free compost you will find:

at least 6 varieties of tomato - chilli and pepper – cucumber, squash and courgette – cabbage, kale and sprouting broccoli – dwarf and climbing beans...and more. Garlic, elephant garlic and overwintering onion sets are available from late September. Feel free to pop in for free veg growing advice as we're more than happy to share our knowledge and tricks of the trade.

Stock is subject to change and while stocks last. If you are looking for a particular variety and/or rootstock, please check with us before making a special journey.